Unique & Effective Solutions For Personalized Care

We believe every injury must have personalized diagnostic solutions and unique recovery care to garner the best results.

About The Concussion Center

The Concussion Center is the next phase in the evolution of brain health.Our team takes the guesswork out of brain injury diagnosis and focuses on the unique environment, needs, and medical history of each patient. Every brain injury patient is individual and their care options should be as well.We provide smart, timely solutions and continuous care to ensure every patient is not only on the right path to recovery, but stays on the path until fully recovered.

The Leadership Team

The Concussion Center has assembled a team of board-certified medical experts whose main focus is creating and evolving the diagnostic solutions and ongoing care for every patient with a TBI.Our team approaches each patient’s needs with compassion, empathy, and an eye towards developing the unique and personal care each patient requires.

Meet our esteemed doctors and leadership team: