Don't Play Games With Brain Health

Neurologists, especially when it comes to athletes, are like the quarterbacks of concussion care. The extensive training and expertise of a neurologist allow for an in-depth and targeted evaluation of all of your symptoms

A Multi-disciplinary Approach To Facilitate Healing

Concussions are functional impairment of the brain that require an expert, multi-disciplinary team of healthcare providers to evaluate, diagnose, and rehabilitate patients suffering from concussion/mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). At The Concussion Center, we have assembled a world-class team of experts to evaluate and rehabilitate concussion patients through:

Cutting Edge Diagnostic Tools
A Data Driven Approach
Quantification Of Functional Impairment
Unique Rehabilitation Yielding Faster Results

The Concussion Center and NeuroFlex® have partnered to offer the highest level of expert clinical care utilizing the most cutting edge diagnostic technology for baseline, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of concussions. NeuroFlex® Test is a set of protocols (each under 60 seconds) in Virtual Reality that measure the subject’s eyes and head position as they perform simple tasks. Each test is designed to evaluate a specific brain health reflex.

Our neurology team has years of experience with traumatic brain injuries on top of general neurology. However, we recognize that concussion care is an interdisciplinary approach, and that is why we also have audiologists/certified brain injury specialists working in partnership with our neurology team.