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The Concussion Center understands that no evaluation process for Traumatic Brain Injuries is the same. Our innovation and customized approach leads to stronger results.

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Even a mild concussion diagnosis can impact your quality of life without the right treatment. That is why it is so important to choose medical providers equipped to evaluate, diagnose, and treat your symptoms.The Concussion Center is the only comprehensive concussion care facility located in Atlanta, Georgia. Our comprehensive team includes board-certified Neurologists and Audiologists certified in concussion working in tandem to create a treatment plan to be executed by our rehabilitation team.

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The Concussion Center utilizes cutting edge diagnostic tools to obtain objective clinical evidence of concussion. This allows for treatment plans to be created using verified, repeatable testing to address subjective symptoms and track healing. This process allows our providers to more efficiently and accurately track rehabilitation as well to offer more definitive guidance to get our patients back onto the field, back in school, or back to work sooner and safer.

To properly evaluate concussion in its entirety, the American Neurology Association has determined six common trajectories that must be assessed. Utilized by our medical team, The Concussion Center is the only practice in greater Atlanta that assess these six common trajectories to evaluate head injury patients.

Our comprehensive evaluation, whether you are suffering from a mild concussion or a more serious brain injury, is the bedrock of forming a personalized treatment plan. Your neurologist and team of concussion specialists will use the information plus your medical history to create a detailed treatment plan that will address the impacted brain functions and give you enough time to recover.When it comes to concussion care, you should only trust a provider that understands concussion recovery must be personalized. The Concussion Center will treat you like a person in recovery, not a person who needs to be rushed through the system.

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