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The Best Concussion Specialist in Atlanta, GA

Even a mild concussion diagnosis can impact your quality of life without the right treatment. That is why it is so important to find the right head injury doctor near me to ensure your recovery from any level of brain injury.

The Concussion Center is the best brain injury specialist in Atlanta, GA to help you manage every step of concussion care. Your comprehensive treatment team will include a concussion neurologist and a concussion specialist who will work in tandem to come up with your personalized treatment plan using the latest in scientific breakthroughs for treating brain injuries.

You will notice that our treatment center is a step above the rest from the first time you interact with our head injury doctor during your diagnosis. Our diagnosis process includes six different factors:

Our comprehensive evaluation, whether you are suffering from a mild concussion or a more serious brain injury, is the bedrock of forming a personalized treatment plan. Your concussion neurologist and team of specialists will use the information plus your medical history to create a detailed treatment plan that will address the impacted brain functions and give you enough time to recover.

When it comes to concussion care in Atlanta, GA, you should only trust a provider that understands concussion recovery must be personalized. At The Concussion Center, your brain injury specialist will treat you like a person in recovery, not a person who needs to be rushed through the system. We also provide a comprehensive range of concussion treatment options in Decatur, GA.

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“For any brain injury, time and a personal approach is of the essence. We saw a need for smarter, more comprehensive diagnostic solutions to provide personal prognosis and care for every patient. The Concussion Center was created with the patient in mind to provide exhaustive, individual care for the unique situations that TBIs bring. It is time for evolution in brain injury identification, treatment, and care. The Concussion Center is driving change” 

– Brent Jones, CEO